Where I am

09/12/2012: in Aurangabad India. Heading for my first trip to caves of Ajantha
08/12/2012: in Aurangabad, India. On a Mughal Trail: Visiting Soneri Mahal, Bibi ka Maqbara, Khultabad, Ruins around Aurangabad
07/12/2012: in Aurangabad, India.
06/12/2012: in Aurangabad, India.
05/12/2012: in Aurangabad, India.
04/12/2012: in Aurangabad, India. Enjoying Lucky Juice Center, Gayatri Chaat Bhandaar and Tara Pan center.
03/12/2012: in Aurangabad, India. Queuing up for Aadhar Card card again! 20 mins form submission took 14 hours.
02/12/2012: in Aurangabad, India. Visiting local Aadhar Card center to get my card.
01/12/2012: I am in Aurangabad, India. Doing one thing at a time. Sorting IT returns.
30/11/2012: I am in Aurangabad, India. At home! Here I begin my journey, from home!
29/11/2012: I am in Mumbai, INDIYAAAA! Took longest time to get out of the airport. Attended a wedding. Drove 390 kms to Aurangabad.
28/11/2012: I am in London, UK. Today is the day! Flying back to India with huge bags.
27/11/2012: I am in London, UK. My last day in office and a farewell lunch. Last Commute. Last Timesheet. Last coffee from a machine. Last walk back through Green Park to London Victoria.
26/11/2012: I am in London, UK. Drinking ginger chai. Wondering what Mumbai will be like in 3 mornings.
25/11/2012: I am in London, UK. Celebrating the birthday of my little nephew.
24/11/2012: I am in London, UK. A stroll by the River Thames and another one of 2-4-1 dessert.
23/11/2012: I am in London, UK in office. The day includes a special lunch.
22/11/2012: I am in London, UK at home. 7 days to go before I go travelling!
21/11/2012: I am in London, UK at home packing and working.
20/11/2012: I am in London, UK in Office. Eating my breakfast.
19/11/2012: I am in London, UK going to office today. My last Monday in Office.

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