Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tara Pan center - Aurangabad Must Eats

Located in one of the oldest part of the city of Aurangabad, Osmanpura, Tara Pan center is a local  favorite. The lights shine on what one could call the Paan street of Aurangabad in late evenings when families and adult males in groups arrive for to bite into special ingredients wrapped raw into a betel leaf. 

The old Tara Pan center
The undeniably most famous in Aurangabad and arguably so in India, is the paan of Tara pan center. Running for generations this shop serves a large variety of paan. A fact you will be told everytime you go to the shop with your hosts is that it is in this shop that Asia's most expensive paan is sold. I have no means to judge the veracity of the statement. But, the costliest of paan on the menu costs Rs 3000.

The new Tara Pan center formed after brothers seperated
There are several competing paan vendors on the same location. I have tried paan at both the Tara Pan centers and liked both equally well. The paan vendors have their employees reach out to arriving customers who place their orders sitting inside their air conditioned cars, receiving a quick delivery of ordered paans and leaving as soon as they arrive. But what they carry with them is the refreshing after taste of paan well-made and served.

Competing Pan sellers on the same street

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