Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gayatri Chaat Bhandar, Aurangabad to eats

Alongside the Kranti chowk there is a deceptively decrepit shop open on all three sides facing the Shivaji statue in the center of the roundabout. With a clay oven in the center and chairs and tables strewn about carelessly on another side, it could be a place you can easily miss. The shop is shabby, its walls blackened by the soot from the oven that rages with fire like your empty stomach.  But this is the shop that Aurangabadis have been thronging for ages for their dose of evening snacks. 

What is on offer you ask - from moong daal bhajia, aalloo vada, samosas and kachori, you cannot pick one. You must have one of each.

Everything is sold at per piece basis for INR 10 laden with sweet and sour chutney at the top.

Bhajiya is fried balls of soaked and boiled moong dal that taste crunchy and soft.

The food is fried in a big wok infront of you, served fresh and hot.

Close to the shop are other food options including paav bhaji, bhel puri, and badam milk.

If you eat as much as I did, your mouth will now be on fire and what you now need is a cool stick of kulfi available for INR 10 from push cart vendor.

We ended up with a meal for four for INR 130 with 3 plates of bhajiya, 3 plates of samosas, 3 plates of kachori, 1 aaloo vada and three kulfis.


Free Bird said...

haha ... loved this one n miss those bhajiyas ...

Free Bird said...

haha ... loved this one n miss those bhajiyas ...