Monday, April 4, 2011

Didn't you wish sometimes that your life was like a new gadget you bought which came with a manual on how to install it. The manual that told you what does what in your life and why you need all that you received and nothing really is a waste in the package. A booklet that answers all your queries on ' what do I do when this happens?' or 'what do I do when I need to get this done?' along with a call center number at the end always picked up by the over-enthusiastic people willing to help and trying to get feedback forms filled. You know at least the basic stuff should have been covered. Not asking for much...just a 'How to do it?' or 'Ins and Outs of it all' kind of thing handed over to us when God presented us life. Right now it’s like using a gadget you don't know much about. If we could have also had a charger for downtimes, some replacement parts that wear out and the ability to start all over again in case of a mess that would be great too. But right now, no one is listening. May be God needs a new Marketing director or maybe we need to privatize it all.