Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sachkhand Express - Train to the land of truth

Sachkhand express initiates in Nanded every morning and finishes its journey in Amritsar the next day after running for 34 hours.

We boarded the train at Aurangabad. We were provided free langar at the station. A bowl full of vegetable rice. At Manmad station, vendors sell pomegranate in little packets. At nine in the evening we reached Khandwa where devotees served rotis called 'parshada' with kaali daal to the travelers onboard train. 

The train itself is considered holy since it connects two major centers of Sikh pilgrimage, Golden Temple and Hazoor Sahib. This was my first overnight journey on a train and we were pampered all the way by the kindness of the believers. 24 hours passed by quicker than usual.

Here is my video log of the journey:

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