Monday, December 10, 2012

Lucky Juice Center - Thirst Quencher of the soul for Aurangabad

Lucky Juice Center is located in Paithan Gate in Aurangabad. It is arguably the most famous refreshment corner in all of the city. It has been standing in the area for over 30 years now.

This is a photograph of New Lucky Juice Center - one of the many competitors of the original center located in Cidco
The quality and consistency of juice served at Lucky Juice center is different from any other you will ever drink anywhere in the world. The mango pulp is my personal favorite. The price for juices vary between INR 20-30. It proves yet again that great taste and good quality do not necessarily come expensive.

To the right mango pulp. To the left mango pineapple juice.

The Lucky Juice center is so famous that now many look alike of the original shop have sprung up in different corners of the city. They may or may not be equally good. But definitely give the original one a try to taste the soul quencher of this historic city.

The elaborate menu on the walls of New Lucky Juice Center

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