Saturday, November 24, 2012

My 5 unforgettable cups of coffees ever!

In a pursuit of wonderful moments, panoramic scenery and life-changing experiences, we go travel. Longing for moments when we sit face to face with a great view that makes us stop everything, hold our breaths and steal moments of our busy lives and stay a little longer. And when you find these views and you want soak them in your memory and sip a great cup of coffee. 

What I have learnt is that a great cup of coffee cannot be the one where the question of size is asked - it is not "tall," "grande," and "venti". It could be a flat white, cappuccino, macchiato, Americano or just black coffee with milk. It is never 'to go'. It is always to stay and it is a cup that you want to keep sipping out of forever.

Wonderful pastries breakfast with cappuccino, in Manarola

 This is my favorite cup of coffee ever. I took this on my first trip to Italy, my first trip to Europe! I sat in one of the many coffee shops facing Pantheon and thought what a blessing it was to be able to travel. I was in love with Rick Steve's back then. Me and him were inseparable. Today its a different story though.


My little balcony in Manarola, one of the five cliff hugging villages of Cinque Terre in Italy.

View of the Ligurian Sea

This is a little cafe on the hike up to the Schilthorn in Switzerland. With the breath taking views of the alps and cool September air, coffee tastes better after you have climbed up a height and are  looking into the faces of tall mountains, when you have walked many miles and have a couple more to go and when you are very tired but can give it a little more to go all the way up. 

Views of the alps

My first lone trip ever to Mussorie while I was in college. This was one of my first photographs I ever clicked. This one was taken at a little canteen by the famous Kempty falls of Mussorie.

Kempty Falls, Mussorrie

This picture was taken at the coast of England. It was cold, windy, cloudy and also very lonely at four in the evening. We were lucky to find a little coffee place for a warm cup of coffee.

Seaford, UK


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