Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5 things NOT to pack when taking a career break

Taking a career break is exciting but when the day of packing approaches the daunting prospects leaving or even discarding things that you have gathered and lived with can be unnerving. As I wrap up my bearings in the city of London, here are five things I am not packing with me:

5. My television set - The biggest comfort of home is to be able to jump on that couch with a tub of popcorn and eat and watch and watch and eat. And, I can't take my television set with me. Someone thinks my couch potato days are over. But, I am carrying a portable projector instead with me.

4. My favorite teddy bear - The warmest hug, solid shoulder to cry on and the comfort of hard times - my teddy bear will have to be left behind. May be I can sneak him in...

3. My Business Suits - I am happiest about this. My formal wear is not coming with me. There is no room for it and there is no occasion for it. A career break that involves business suits is not really a career break. Find another name for it.

2. My books - This is probably late but you should have stopped buying books about an year ago if you are taking a career break anytime soon. Much as you like reading, you can't carry tonnes of books around with you. Get an e-book reader instead or find second hand book markets in the places you travel.

1. My fancy shoes - High Heeled shoes are doing you no good if your career break is about climbing mountains and trekking the globe. That make up box is not going either. And my many lovely jackets? You can pick one or two - the remaining ones are to be packed and saved for another day. What about the lovely bags? I know you have tonnes of them...but what you really need now is a comfort of a back pack the has loads of pockets and is easy to carry around.

I am a minimalist anyways so I am really glad about this opportunity where I can throw away things that I really don't need. What are the things that you are leaving behind?


Free Bird said...

I want those suits n shoes plzz :d

Free Bird said...

Can i plz get those suits n shoes if the sale is still on :D

Ishwinder Kaur said...

Now it looks like I paid you for the comment :P