Tuesday, November 20, 2012

4 Fascinating City Bloggers you must check out

Nowadays, a brigade of bloggers patrols every major city documenting the everyday life in its streets. City bloggers go around searching through the nook and corners of their home cities to find the unique flavors, colors, cultures and histories of their city in a way a static. It is so exciting to see how these multi-talented people couple their writing skills with photography to put life in the seemingly mundane, everyday places of a city. With each passing day they add dimensions to their city taking it beyond a ten point itinerary of popular hang outs in a way guidebooks and travel websites never could. They change the face of static 'to-do' of a city into a vibrant 'take a pick' palette. Whether you are a traveling on your next trip to one of their cities or a blogger seeking inspiration or just in need of some reading pleasure, here are five blogs that never fall short of ideas and places:
  • Delhiwalla: He is unrelenting, unebbing with his enthusiasm that finds something new in the city that he has been writing for over five years and he has even published books. He makes me see how little I know about the city I have grown up in. 
  • New York Daily Photo - This blog reveals to outsiders the city of New York as it is for the locals. Lots of pictures, great personal experiences and loads of video clips give this blog a personal feel.
  • Istanbul Eats - There is no better combination than Istanbul and food and when you add expertise and depth to it you would get something like Istanbul Eats. A treat to read.
  • Tired of London Tired of Life - Honest confession, I am not a lover of London. But this person is amazing with his suggestions. He makes one a day and it is a huge credit to both the blogger and the city that he is able come up with one thing a day for four years now.   
Do you have blog about a city or is there a blog about a city you love and follow regularly. Tell me about it.

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