Saturday, November 17, 2012

Istanbul 4 - Watching Turkish Dance in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia, Ottoman Palace, Baklava, hhmmmmn, Bosphorus...hmmmmmn mezze...the bazaars... All done. Well done! What else now?

"Belly about full blown Turkish cultural Hodga Pasha" I proposed to my friends. "Well, we could consider it," was the response. The truth I already knew. The final decision was going to be mine. But I was the one who thought longest and hardest about spending 60 Turkish Lira for a dance that could turn out touristy, tacky, badly coordinated. It was a game of 'should I?' or 'should I not?' I played around with the idea and kept the decision for later not committing to either going or not going. After miles of walk around the historical lanes of Istanbul our spirits were more energized. The museums are closed, the bazaars have shut, the sun is down. Two drinks and many food plates later, what do we do now? "How about the dance show you mentioned?" on in the company said. "Oh okay. Let's go." And that's how I went along with my party to Hodga Pasha Cultural Center for the Turkish Dance show.

Watch this little clip about the dances and my review on it.

Do I recommend one of the cultural dance shows that get advertised online or in the tourist quarters of Istanbul. Yes! Yes! Yes! I highly recommend the show that I have been to - The Hodga Pasha Dance Show. It is phenomenal! Turkish dance, soulful music, great musicians - you will not believe the value you will get from this one. In fact, you will forget all about money - you will be lost in the dance and music. My only regret is that life is not as colorful, joyful and soulful as was this dance and music show. It was my last evening in Sunday and now very memorable. My only advice is - don't miss it.

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