Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chaaye-Shaaye ho jaaye!

In the city where coffee shops are mushrooming all around, where do you go for a cup of tea that is not flooded with water and tastes likes the tea that our Indian taste buds are more akin to. Well for a flavorful cup of chai that is sweet, spicey and milky try out the Passion cup of tea in Vasant Vihar. My personal favorite is ginger, saffron tea served in glasses that look like kullarhs burning hot. It could easily be the best tea I have ever had.

If you are into the cooler version of the drink then one of the places not to be missed is the Tea Shop in Noida. It’s a small shop which is a famous hangout for the college students at nearby private university. Deceptively, it looks like any other kiraana shop in a regular mohalla but what is unique is the khadi yet high quality feel of the place. However, it is one of those happening hangouts which are hidden in cornered location known only to locals.

The shop is owned by retired Captain Mehra who runs the place with his wife. The day to day management is taken care of by Narayan ji who is extremely friendly and courteous. He has worked with tea shop for over 10 years and so have the other employees.

The menu is really simple with wide offerings in teas iced or hot, priced just right for a student’s pocket. The food menu is nothing extensive a few sandwiches, muffins and momos. My personal favourite is their unique drink which is by the way not tea, it is coffee. They call it Carribean coffee and it is coffee unlike I have ever had. Muffin and chicken salami is my favorite on their snacks menu. The tastes are nothing from the “must have” lists but the food is fresh and therefore always a good value for money. There is no seating except for the murraahs and stools outside the shop you can grab to sit and enjoy your tea with snacks over a conversation with your friends. Trust me this just goes on to add to Tea shop’s charm. Given the young intellectual college crowd, honest preparations, and connoisseur teas sold, Tea shop is one of my favorite places in NCR.


vikramjeet said...

t shop is the best place in noida.

fangchu said...
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fangchu said...

the next time i am in Delhi, we are going there.

Siddhartha said...

Damn it. thats the only thing I miss about Noida. Except of course people, my home and host of other stuff

Siddhartha said...

@Vikram - so?