Thursday, October 18, 2012

Travel File #4 Camden Town

Its crowded, its touristy, its unabashed – its Camden town for Azmayish today. For Travel file number 4 we are taking the Northern line and heading where the crowds are going this weekend - to the unique, alive and buzzing market of London - a hots pot both for tourists and locals - the Camden.

Alternative culture,  fashion, arts and crafts, music, canal, food, vintage clothing are some of the words that will be thrown into any description of Camden. its eclectic, its eccentric, its touristic, its authentic - its all of this and more but any word used for Camden must be intensified, amplified, multiplied many times over to accurately describe the charms and exhilaration of this place.

In 1973 Camden Town’s markets opened for business. But now 10 million people visit Camden every year and it is a thriving center of business with a kicking music scene.As you get out of the tube you will be joined by hundreds that will ingle in the thousands that walk on the pavements,  or through the big halls and into the little alleyways navigating their way through innumerable food and merchandise stalls exploring the six markets of Camden.

Its bustling with people, lined with unending row of stalls offering foods from around the world and stuff that ranges from trashy to trendy clothes, junk jewellery, tattoo booths, music CDs, quirky art stuff

Although trashed as touristic by some fashion snobs, Camden is essentially, positively London and a must take stop on your first London trip. I would put it higher over picture perfect Central London for its true London feel.

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