Sunday, April 22, 2012

Agent Vinod

The only reason why I attempted to watch this movie was to appreciate Kareena's chiseled looks. Her attempt to beat Katrina as a hot looking bimbo has been reaping good results so far. So, I was quite helpful this she will best her past attempts because it is for Saifu. But the movie is miserable, helpless and and the leads can't deliver the dialogues to save the day. They make even  powerful lines such as "mujhe meri zindagi wapis chahiye...jahaan Rubbaiyat ek khoobsurat poetry ki kitaab ho, nuclear detonator nahin" sound like a soggy bread! Soggy, tasteless, stale, dripping  bread!

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fightamonkey said...

Kareena vs Katrina? what has the world gone to?