Friday, September 2, 2011

clear the cobwebs

How do you know if the choice you made is your own or the one you have been programmed to make.How do you escape the learned behavior to make a choice that represents you above all. People knit the web of society to take away from you every ounce of individuality that there may be inside of you to make puppet out of you. You cant move out because web that was woven for you but you are weaving webs as well immobilizing others...that is how human society works with relations,emotions and ideas of needs fed in our heads from day 1.

Is this true or is it just another night of failure...where is whisky with namkeen!

1 comment:

aditya said...

You are really crazy about proving your indiidualizm. What is individualizm?
Can u define ishwinder without taking help of anything else then ishwinder.

U r unique. Every one is, no matter how use less bt everyone is unique. It need not to be proven. Bt i really dnt understand individualism.